The Trinity Balloons journey started in a rural Westcountry chapel at Easter 2003.

In its progression from a small group of Christian balloonists to today’s structured ecumenical organisation, the project has beneficently supported headline events, communities and good causes.

We fly hot air balloons branded with the Christian Message and use ballooning to innovate new prospects for our communities.   In 2017, we launched the long-envisioned Jesus Loves You balloon.  Trinity Balloons is actively working to establish a ballooning centre at our rural Devon base.  From this pioneering hub, we hope to see our community projects and experiential wellness research developed for the benefit of all.

It is a talented team. Our volunteer professional pilots and crew have been blessed with world class commercial ballooning expertise and partnerships. Our support professionals and wider skills resource is constant. Trinity Balloons is incubating something new and positively engaging with an enthusiastic and inquisitive public; whomever and wherever they are on the journey.

Our activities have always been non-profit and we will become a community interest company in 2017. All our income goes to provision of our service and specialist equipment.  If you would like to support the unique reach of our projects, please drop the coordinating team a note via the contact form on the homepage, or if you wish to make a donation please go to our ‘Support‘ page.