Our mission is to place God’s message in the skies; in great landscapes, at events, or captured for film, worship and creative media.

Trinity Balloons is a collection of bespoke Christian-branded hot air balloons, administered by a dedicated small charity team.

The Trinity Balloons vision originated in 2003 around the Tamar Valley and western slopes of Dartmoor – and it remains rooted in this inspiring and ancient mission environment today.  From this pioneering hub, our supporter team has enabled adventure, engagement and creative ideas for the benefit of a united church.

Over the years, we have been Blessed with a talented team of dedicated volunteers and supporters (faith and non-faith) working in collaboration and enabling new ministries.  Volunteers working with our funded activities must agree to abide by specific conduct, safety and safeguarding policies.  If you would like to support the unique reach of our projects as a donor or volunteer, please drop the Friends of Trinity Balloons coordinating team a note via the contact form on the homepage.   If you wish to make a donation today, please go to our ‘Support‘ page.


Please note; we do not offer passenger flights.