Our mission is to place God’s message in the skies; in great landscapes, at events, or captured for film, worship and creative media. We fly hot air balloons branded with the Christian message – and  innovate new ways of sharing God’s love through these complementary and collaborative channels.

The Trinity Balloons journey started in 2003 on the western slopes of Dartmoor.  This inspiring and ancient mission environment now hosts the hub of Christian ballooning in the UK and is home to our Wilderness Worship project.  From this pioneering hub, we hope to witness inspired music and creative media visions developed for the benefit of a united church.

We are Blessed with a talented team, built on dedicated volunteers and supporters in a collaborative spirit of Christians Together.

Our activities have always been non-profit.  All our income goes to provision of our service and specialist equipment with oversight from our governance team.  If you would like to support the unique reach of our projects, please drop the coordinating team a note via the contact form on the homepage, or if you wish to make a donation please go to our ‘Support‘ page.

Our vision, mission and purpose

TOGETHER:  Built on foundation and heritage, serving for a united Church; confident in message; enthused for mission; inspired in application.

OUR COMMUNITY:  Engaging communities locally, nationally and globally in our shared objectives for mission.

OUR PEOPLE:  Building relationships, together and with God, through caring, sharing, valuing, encouraging, journeying and a rhythm of prayer.

OUR HOPE:  Through following Jesus and serving the Church, with Faith, Hope and Love, that lives and communities will be transformed.

Please note; we do not offer passenger flights.